Energy Storage Canada and Alberta Storage Alliance Join Forces

In order to expand the focus of Energy Storage Canada (ESC) on a more national level, and also to boost the market development efforts of the Alberta Storage Alliance (ASA), the two companies decided to merge together.

“There is strong alignment between our organizations and this move will allow us to capitalize on new opportunities,” said ESC Chair Rob Harvey. “Several ESC members helped to found the ASA and we are excited to contribute greater support to the development of the energy storage market in Alberta.”

In November 2015, ASA set their target to the transition of the Canadian province’s energy production, away from coal towards renewables. Their Climate Leadership Plan provides flexible energy storage assets, which adjust to the energy system needs in times of peaks and lows. ESC is the leading voice for energy storage in Canada and covers the full supply chain of energy storage. ESC focuses on progressing opportunities for energy storage through advocacy (from now on led through the Alberta Advocacy Council), networking and stakeholder education.

Jan van Egteren, President of Rocky Mountain Power, is optimistic about the newly built alliance: “Energy storage technologies will be essential to meet Alberta’s renewable energy objectives and can greatly optimize our existing infrastructure. Regulatory barriers must be addressed to ensure a level playing field for new technologies. There is an enormous opportunity for energy storage in Alberta and this partnership will allow us to engage a broader audience and leverage the exceptional work ESC has done to date in other jurisdictions.”

Source: Energy Storage Canada

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