FPL Reveal New Storage System to Support Solar Power Plants

Florida Power Light (FPL), a U.S. American energy company, announced the first solar-plus-storage system in the U.S. that is able to increase a solar power plant’s output.

By applying DC-coupled batteries in the FPL Citrus Solar Energy Plant, which show the ability to increase the amount of solar energy by more than half a million kilowatt hours per year, the system is able to keep the energy, which normally would get lost with standard energy storage systems. Counting a storage capacity of 4,000 kilowatt/16,000 kilowatt hours, the system is able to harness extra energy that the solar plant generates when the sun’s rays are strongest and so can increase the amount of energy the plant delivers to the grid.

By integrating multiple batteries into the system, FPL also guarantees an improvement of the predictability of the solar energy, which can then be dispatched more efficiently onto further power plants in order to save their customers fuel costs.

“By harnessing more solar energy from the same power plant, this has the potential to further reduce our fossil fuel consumption and save our customers even more money on their electric bills,” explains Eric Silagy, President and CEO of FPL.

Source: Florida Power Light


Image Source: © Florida Power Light | fpl.com


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