Islamic World United On Pushing Renewables, Storage and Micro-Grids

56 Muslim-majority countries came together at the Islamic world’s first ever Science and Tech summit and pledged on boosting the sectors of renewables, storage and mirco-grids. All countries including Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan decided on increasing investments in all fields of sustainability, such as energy, food, water, health and climate change issues. Small storage applications involving lithium-ion batteries will be designed and developed.

The electrical infrastructure in many of the 56 Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) States is still not very developed. That is why OIC assistant secretary general for Science and Technology ambassador Naeem Khan is cautious in his words: “Energy consumption and production is a major challenge in the Islamic world where many of the OIC’s 57-member states are well placed to harness the power of renewables, yet also still rely heavily in traditional fossil fuels.”

“In order for OIC member states to create a diverse energy mix that incorporates renewable energies, scientific and technological advancements will be essential. That includes advancements in energy storage technologies, greater use of distributed micro-grids to integrate renewable energy and research efforts into solar cell efficiencies,” says Naeem Khan.

Find » here the official declaration of the “First Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Science and Technology”.

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