Large Graphene Sheets Synthesized by New Method

Korean and Chinese researchers found a new method to create single-crystal graphene through the use of copper foil and heat.

Compared to polycrystalline graphene, which consists of randomly orientated graphene islands, single-crystal graphene is known to be very high in quality due to its stability. Therefore it is the researchers’ goal to synthesize large single-crystal graphene.

In their study they synthesized a monolayer single-crystal graphene by growing graphene on a copper foil. By heating it up to approximately 1,030 degrees Celsius it transformed into a single-crystal copper foil which created a single crystal after cooling it down again. During this process the copper atoms migrated inside the material and ordered themselves into a structure with fewer defects.

After a chemical vapor millions of graphene islands formed on the copper foil and grew together into a single-crystal graphene layer. The researcher explain: “The secret to obtaining single-crystal graphene of a very large size is to have a perfect single crystal copper as a base to start with. Large single-crystal copper foils are not available in the market, so labs must build it with their own means.”

This new method is a progress for the graphene production, since it is now possible to grow a few square centimeters of single-crystal graphene in a few hours.

Source: Graphene Info


Image Source: © Graphene Info |


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