Leclanché Provides Industrial Sector with Battery Storage Systems

Leclanché, global provider of integrated energy storage solutions announced their selection by NRStor C&I, provider of behind-the-meter energy storage systems, to build a complete energy storage system in the Canadian industrial sector. NRStor C&I, as a principal investor, will serve as the project developer and owner of the project and aims at a reduction of energy costs by peak demand reduction and an optimization of several cashflow streams.

The energy storage system counts a total output capacity of 2.0 MW, as well as a lithium-ion battery storage system with a duration of at least 2 hours (equal to 4.0 MW). On top of that, the system will be provided with Leclanché’s energy management and fleet management software in order to control and optimize the asset performance.

“These first C&I storage systems  which Leclanché will install in North America represent a further  expansion of our stationary business and they represent an important, growing  segment of our energy storage offerings in the region,” said Anil Srivastava, CEO, Leclanché.

The systems are also designed to integrate several on-site electric vehicle charging stations to support the development and expansion of the renewable energy sector. Further industrial projects in cooperation with NRStor C&I have already been planned.

Source: Leclanché

Image Source: pixabay | pixabay.com


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