More Lithium-Bearing Pegmatite Found at Georgia Lake

Rock Tech Lithium Inc., a Canadian exploration company in the field of lithium and other selected battery materials, published a short report on the current state of their lithium harvest in the Thunder Bay Mining District of Northwest Ontario.

After acquiring and exploring the Georgia Lake property, the researchers managed to find a total of eight samples of lithium-bearing magmatic rock pegmatite. Parole Lake, an area of the Georgia Lake lithium property, hosts at least six lithium-bearing pegmatites which can be extracted through drilling. The found samples are yet to be investigated in a laboratory in Geraldton, Ontario.

Martin Stephan, Chief Executive Officer of Rock Tech, explained: “The Parole Lake region is one of the key growth areas of the Georgia Lake lithium property. The georeferencing of these pegmatites will provide us with modern coordinates and proper locations, increasing the effectiveness of follow up trenching and drilling. Sampling these pegmatites will provide valuable insights regarding the lithium content of these pegmatites as assays were not reported for all historic drill holes completed in the 1950’s and 1960’s .”

Although a distribution of high-grade lithium mineralization on the surface as well as at depth was confirmed by the researchers, further drillings need to be executed to receive more information.

The field program was accomplished by the work of Pleson Geoscience, which concentrates on low-impact high resolution data collection by combining conventional knowledge of geology and prospecting with latest technology in drilling and geophysics.

Under supervisor Locke B. Goldsmith (P.Eng.,P.Geo.), independent qualified person to Rock Tech, the scientific and technical information has been reviewed  and prepared.

On top of that, Arriva Management Inc., a company focused on mineral exploration and technical consulting, collected and analyzed data from this exploration program. This business relationship is yet to plan the next stages of the project. For their support, the company received $39,000 worth of common shares of Rock Tech.

Source: Rock Tech Lithium Inc.


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