New Head of Product and Engineering for Powin Energy

Powin Energy, a US based provider of energy storage and microgrid solutions, announced their new head of product and engineering, Stuart Statman.

As former senior vice president of technology for the integrated solar solutions provider Sunverge Energy, Stratman brings a wide range of knowledge with him. Due to his achievement in leading the design and production of the first lithium-ion energy storage project in New York City, as well as the world’s largest virtual 5 MW power plant in Adelaide, Australia, Stratman is seen as a qualified person to lead Powin in every aspect of product development. “Stu is very highly respected in the distributed generation and energy storage space and we’re excited about the level of engineering expertise he will bring to our next generation of products,” said Geoffrey Brown, president of Powin Energy. „His big data proficiency is expected to enhance Powin’s technology in order to transition the company from project development to focusing on energy storage products and service for customers.

“I’m excited to work with Powin’s impressive battery storage technology and looking forward to the opportunity to extend its capabilities while delivering a low cost, high-power platform to the market,” said Statman.

Source: wallstreet:online AG


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