Nidec ASI Contributes to a French Wind Farm with New Energy Storage Systems

Nidec ASI, a multinational company in the industrial automation and renewable energy field, announced their addition to a new wind farm in Martinique .

An annual production site of around 40GWh will be reached by their contribution of their energy storage system “Energy Management System” (EMS) and the new wind farm of 14MW covering seven wind turbines of 2MW of unit power.

The plant is expected to provide greater stability as well as maximizing energy input to the grid by using Nidec ASI’s new storage system. With this system the network operator will be able to estimate and esteem the forecast of electricity production.

Giovanni Barra, Chief Executive Officer of Nidec ASI concludes: “We consider this project a significant milestone in the consolidation of our leadership in the renewable energy sector, which is in constant growth globally.”

Source: Nidec ASI

Image Source: pixabay |


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