Swiss Developer of Vehicle Batteries iQ Power Licensing AG Wins GreenTec Award 2017

Swiss Company iQ Power Licensing AG develops and markets new technologies for vehicle batteries focusing its work on both environmentally conscious and technologically advanced battery designs.

On 12 May, its innovation of passive electrolyte mixing in car batteries won the international environmental award, GreenTec Award 2017, in the category mobility. The iQ Power technology is created for the use in electric vehicles and improves the battery performance in start-stop applications with the automatic mixing of electrolytes inside the battery by passively mixing elements. This leads to more stability in the battery’s performance and a longer service life due to the reduced impact of acid stratification and temperature variations.

The award ceremony took place in Berlin. For the first time this year, the GreenTec awards had a partner country, which was Canada.

Source: iQ Power Licensing AG

Image Source: © iQ Power Licensing AG |


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