ViZn Energy Systems Approved as One of the Leaders for Non-Lithium-Ion Storage Technologies

ViZn Energy Systems, a US-based provider for energy storage solutions, has been appointed as one of the few leaders in the Non-Lithium-Ion Storage Technology Market by Navigant’s Research Leaderboard.

Although Lithium-ion batteries are very common and very low in cost, they are still not well suited for certain stationary storage applications. That is why non-Lithium-ion technologies – such as ViZn’s – are popular. Some of these have entered the market, while others have been utilized for decades. Due to high costs and safety concerns, though, some of these inventions have been replaced by vendors who combine the advantages of both Lithium-ion and non-Lithium-ion batteries to create technologies like flow- or lead batteries.

Navigant made it possible to create an objective assessment of these companies’ strengths and weaknesses by comparing 13 leading non-Lithium-ion battery technologies on the basis of 12 criteria. Due to their technology, ViZn Energy Systems is approved as one of the two leaders in this field.

Source: ViZn Energy Systems

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