Australian Government Supplies Portable Classrooms with Off-Grid Power

The Australian government has ordered the construction of portable classrooms equipped with a solar + storage system in the state of Queensland. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency(ARENA) provided approximately $370,000 to Hivve Technologies Pty Ltd to build three pilot portable classrooms, including a prototype at a High School in Brisbane.

The classroom at Bracken Ridge State High School now has a modern solar-coupled system with a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery system, which allows it to supply itself with power independently of the grid. Each Hivve classroom can also supply at least two more classrooms with excess power.

“Demand for energy at schools occurs during the school day, when the sun is shining. As such, there is a great opportunity to power classrooms via solar, backed up by battery storage,” ARENA CEO Darren Miller explained. “Many schools on the Eastern seaboard are currently at capacity on grid connection. This Australian-developed solution could help schools reduce costs and emissions, while also reducing reliance and demand on the grid.”

Source: ARENA

Image Source: ARENA |


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