Current Issue: 04|2016

The current issue sheds light on the African energy storage market. In this connection, the special features of vanadium are depicted.

Uncertainty on renewable energy policy in South Africa. Experts require more commitment and a clear policy.

Vanadium to alleviate Africa’s energy challenges. Using its mineral wealth to response to the world’s highest need for off-grid solutions.

The last mile – end-of-line test for batteries. Quality assurance in battery production lines.

Largest flow-battery island grid in Uganda. A win-win success story for energy storage producers and the country itself.

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» Issues 2016

The 03|2016 deals with the North- and South-American energy storage markets. One focus is laid on the US presidential elections, another on potentials of energy storage for Chile and Brazil. Scientific processes regarding sodium nickel chloride, flow and zinc-air batteries are also analyzed. Read the Magazine here »

The 02|2016 issue issue takes a look at the evolution of the Asian energy storage market and its potentials and challenges. Another focus lies on the next generation of storage solutions and critical issues affecting cost and performance of batteries and ESS.
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The 01|2016 issue is taking a look at the challenge of Extreme Weather Conditions and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), which plays a vital role in the global energy industry. Furthermore, expected trends & developments in 2016 are discussed and outlined.
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» Issues 2015

04|2015The 04|2015 issue addresses R&D with special regard to materials and various areas of applications. We are taking a look at a number of interesting examples and approaches and will outline the enormous potential of storage and innovation. Read the Magazine here » 03|2015The 03|2015 issue especially deals with off-grid applications, technologies and projects in the USA, Australia and Indonesia. We have visited Nedap in their Dutch headquarter and asked Solarwatt’s CEO Detlef Neuhaus about his company’s competitive advantage. Read the Magazine here »
02|2015The 02|2015 issue focuses on different business cases of battery applications in regional markets and projects. Read the latest news about the upcoming Intersolar Europe and North America as well as the ees Europe conference and the award finalists. Read the Magazine here » 01|2015The 01|2015 issue focuses on electrification of mobility. China is one of the key regions in general and that of battery technology worldwide. We will also shed light on utilities that have to react to the growing demand for decentralized and renewable energy sources. Read the Magazine here »

» Issues 2014

Issue 03|2014The 03|2014 issue sheds light on the Asian energy storage market. This edition also includes in-depth articles on the special features of redox flow batteries for grid application and new solutions improving EV charging infrastructure. Read the Magazine here » Issue 02|2014 In the 02|2014 issue, devotes attention to the argument of unsafe residential photovoltaic storage solutions, look into the deployment of electrical energy storage in emerging markets and discuss the availability of the raw material lithium. Read the Magazine here »
Issue 01|2014The 01|2014 issue is going to cover all important facets of the fast-growing market of energy storage systems which are becoming more and more important in the global energy transition process. Read the Magazine here »