Editorial Concept

In high-quality and informative articles, ees International – The Electrical Energy Storage Magazine provides the battery and energy storage industry @ees-magazine.com with international news, background reports and market information, free of charge.

The magazine provides information on topics and trends from related fields of industry, such as renewable energy, electric mobility, smart homes, distribution structure and energy policy. The publication primarily targets markets in European countries, especially Germany; the USA; MENA, Asia with a focus on China and India; as well as South America.

News and articles are sorted according to the reader’s needs – supported by an additional search feature.

The magazine is divided thematically into the following categories:

– industry announcements and news (News)
– current market trends and regional news (Markets)
– technology, innovations, state of research (Technology)
– topics related to the global production of batteries and components (Production)
– practical applications for consumers and smart homes (Applications)




The online magazine is supplemented by the free biweekly news service ees International – The Electrical Energy Storage Newsletter providing breaking news and expert articles from the electrical energy storage world to more than 75,000 international contacts. Subscribe here for the newsletter.

In addition to companies in the industry, the magazine also addresses tradesmen and interested consumers. The readers also benefit from the clear focus on detailed information on the electrical energy storage market.