DNV GL Announces New Energy Storage Standard for Australia

DNV GL, the certification body with its independent energy experts, has announced that it has been commissioned to create a new performance standard for energy storage in Australia.

Private and commercial consumers are to be better informed in the future so that more efficient purchasing decisions can be made.

“The difficulty for consumers to make a well-informed choice presents a barrier to uptake of battery storage. This project will give consumers a more informed choice and increased confidence in deciding to invest in home batteries and rooftop solar. This project will give people easy to access information on how reliable the batteries are and how well they perform over their lifetime in Australian conditions,” said Mr Frischknecht, CEO from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.
ARENA contributed AUS $ 1.4 million, while the Victoria State Government provided AUS $ 0.5 million for the renewal of standards.

Energy storage is an essential factor in obtaining variable renewable energy sources. The role of energy storage in Australia’s energy system is expected to increase as the country reaches its target of 33,000 GWh of additional energy production by 2020.

“Energy storage is a vital component in the transition to a greener energy future, and through efforts of providing the industry with performance Standards, we are supporting the safe and sustainable development of the energy storage sector. We look forward to building on these efforts to create a vibrant and lasting energy storage market for Australia,” said Lucy Craig, Vice-President Technology & Innovation for Energy at DNV GL.

Source: DNV GL

Image Source: © Pixabay | pixabay.com


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