ees AWARD Finalist Interview: BYD’s New Modular Outdoor Energy Storage System | Guo Bin, Director of Energy Storage Business Development, BYD

BYD looks back on 20 years of expertise in the development of rechargeable batteries, which is united under the company’s core values equality, factuality, passion and innovation.  Since the company largely focuses on renewable energies, they have launched a multitude of products in this field. Those include solar power stations, energy storage stations, electric forklifts and LED, providing new energy solutions integrating the generation, storage and utilization of electricity. Their outdoor system „BYD Modular Outdoor ESS“ uses LFP cells and an intelligent battery management system and can be operated in industrial settings. The ees International talked to Mr. Guo Bin, Director of Energy Storage Business Development, about BYD’s new technology and the company’s future.

Guo Bin, Director of Energy Storage Business Development, BYD

Guo Bin, Director of Energy Storage Business Development, BYD

ees International: The ees AWARD expert panel is honouring pioneering energy storage solutions. What is exceptional and new about your nominated product?

With 10 years’ experience and 462MW/463MWh systems deployed worldwide, we have been carefully watching the market and with all the lessons learnt, we developed this all new Modular Outdoor Energy Storage system.  Different from our previous containerized energy storage systems, this is a whole new design of our ESS product:

1. Unparalleled Safety: BYD continues to employ one of the safest Li-ion battery, LFP, in this system, but with 15% + higher energy density. And upgraded intelligent BMS improves the safety further as well.

2. Modularized Design: The modularized architecture allows the system to be applied in a variety of configurations from commercial to utility scale. This design also leads to standardized production, flexible installation, convenient maintenance and uniform hardware/software upgrades or repairing.

3. All-Weather Feature: IP 55 rated battery cabinet and IP 54 rated PCS cabinet with inbuilt thermal controls offer an effective barrier against extreme environments. The thermal control system at a cabinet level allows even temperature distribution across all battery cells within the cabinet.

ees International: Apart from your nominated product what were your company’s milestones in the last two years?

Over the past years, BYD has created a total new energy solution encompassing solar, energy storage and EV, in an effort to create a more sustainable and environment-friendly energy ecosystem for the world and leave a greener planet to our offspring. Currently, we have 4 core businesses, which are IT, new energy, Automotive, Rail Transit. We had officially announced to enter the new business of monorail in October, 2016, and the name of this new product is “SkyRail”.

As a mass transit alternative with relatively small passenger capacity, SkyRail is applicable to backbone rails in large cities as connection between the downtown area and secondary urban centers or satellites, connecting lines between metro stations and residential communities, hospitals and schools, or routes connecting tourism attractions in big cities, as an attractive and efficient last-mile mobility solution. It will further optimize the rail transport infrastructure as a supplement to metro and light rail. Right now, BYD has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Brazil, Philippines, Egypt, Morocco and Kampuchea and more than 20 cities in China.

ees International: Renewable energy markets around the world are prospering every year. What is your company’s vision for the energy storage markets around the world?

At present, as the development and expansion the energy storage market, the IPPs and ISOs in the electricity market have accumulated enough knowledge of energy storage, and have the resources by using energy storage systems to make profits. Like EDF, ENGIE, ENEL, Vestas, and etc., each of them had installed more than 1 MW energy storage systems and have identified energy storage as one of their future development directions. Then the large-scale procurements of energy storage from these IPPs and ISOs have attracted a large number of suppliers, including suppliers with many project experiences, such as BYD, Samsung SDI, LG Chem, and also drawing in more new suppliers such as Tesla. Therefore, the market competition is increasingly intense while the price of batteries tends to be transparent.

In the price convergence situation, those enterprises that can provide faster response times and more optimized system designs are to win in the competition, and win the customers’ confidence in suppliers. For us BYD is the pioneer in Energy Storage field since 2011, and the market has proven the safety and reliability of BYD energy storage systems. By utilizing our world baggiest Fe batteries manufacture’s role as well as the years of experience in this field, we are able to provide customers with one-stop service solutions ranging from the design, R&D, manufacturing, supply chain management and customer services.

ees International: What are your expectations as an exhibitor at the ees Europe, which is taking place from 20 to 22 June 2018 in Munich, Germany?

As you can see, the Intersolar & EES Europe expo is one of the biggest and highly impacted exhibitions in the energy storage market. Industry insiders will gather in this sparky event. In this way, we would like to take advantage of the exhibitions’ influence and our previous products’ reputation to promote our newest energy storage product – The Modular Outdoor ESS – to the public. It will be our first time to officially announce the product and we are looking forward to see the marketing feedbacks. On the other hand, we will continue to promote the business model floated by us known as ”PV + Storage” concept, by comprising affordable solar power generation with the reliable energy storage systems, aiming to eliminate bottlenecks in traditional photovoltaic power generation and meet the diversifying needs in the marketplace of new energy field. In addition to that, we are planning to set a speech corner at our booth B1.150, intending to share our past experience and newest discoveries to the visitors during this three-day exhibition, we welcome those interested in our energy storage solutions to come here to exchange ideas and gain cooperation opportunities.

Guo Bin,
Director of Energy Storage Business Development,


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