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ees AWARD Finalist Interview: Dynapower’s New DC-to-DC converter DPS-375 | Chip Palombini, Director of Energy Storage, Dynapower

Dynapower was founded in 1963 in Detroit, Michigan (USA) to provide power conversion solutions for the automotive industry. Today based in South Burlington, Vermont, Dynapower provides power conversion solutions for a variety of industries worldwide. Founded in 2007, Dynapower's energy storage group has deployed over 400MWs of energy storage inverters, DC converters and energy storage systems across the globe. This year Dynapower is a finalist of the ees AWARD 2018, which the company earned by developing the DPS-375 “DC converter. The ees International met with Chip Palombini, director of energy storage, to speak about the company's research and vision for their future.


Chip Palombini, Director of Energy Storage, Dynapower

ees International: The ees AWARD expert panel is honouring pioneering energy storage solutions. What is exceptional and new about your nominated product?

Our patent pending DPS-375 and 250 DC-DC converters allow for the coupling of energy storage on the DC side of the bus for utility-scale solar installations. This has a number of advantages over other solutions including a lower cost to install energy storage as well as increased energy production both of which increase project economics for utility scale solar installations. Our DPS units are the first to be commercially deployed in the United States and haven proven to be more economically advantageous in most cases than AC-coupled energy storage for installation owners.

ees International: Apart from your nominated product what were your company's milestones in the last two years?

We've been fortunate to have many in addition to having the first commercially deployed DC-DC converters. Most notably we worked with our partners to help take the island of Tu'a in American Samoa with the addition of solar plus storage to being run on clean 100% renewable energy. The island had been run on diesel generators each burning over 100,000 gallons of fuel per year. Now with one of the world's most advanced microgrids, the island runs off clean solar power. Dynapower was also the first to receive UL-1741 smart inverter listing for our MPS-250 energy storage inverter, deployed the first 1MW microgrid in India at a commercial and industrial facility, and provide the integrated energy storage system for the United State's largest Net Zero building. Also during the last two years our energy storage equipment has been deployed across the globe not only integrate more renewable energies for utilities but to provide critical back up power for breweries, stadiums, factories, hospitals, schools, and public buildings.

ees International: Renewable energy markets around the world are prospering every year. What is your company's vision for the energy storage markets around the world?

We at Dynapower believe that energy storage is the critical component of our transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy-based global power grid. That energy storage will take an increasing prominent role in reshaping our grid into one that is more sustainable and clean power grid. Dynapower, like we have done with our DPS-375, will continue to push the bounds of energy storage technology to help further the increase of renewable energy markets nationwide and bring clean energy to millions of not billions of people.

Chip Palombini,
Director of Energy Storage,

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