ees AWARD Finalist Interview: TESVOLT’s New High-Voltage Storage System | Daniel Hannemann, Managing Director, TESVOLT

TESVOLT GmbH was founded by Daniel Hannemann and Simon Schandert to advance usage of renewable energies. The Wittenberg-based company has specialized in industrial battery storage solutions on a lithium ion basis, which are combined with solar, wind, water, biogas and thermal power. Since TESVOLT has been named for battery innovators Nikola Tesla and Alessandro Volta, the company focuses largely on innovations in the energy storage sector, working with high and low voltage alike. The ees International spoke to Managing Director Daniel Hannemann about the new „TS HV Battery“ and the future of energy storage.

Daniel Hannemann, Managing Director, TESVOLT

Daniel Hannemann, Managing Director, TESVOLT

ees International: The ees AWARD expert panel is honouring pioneering energy storage solutions. What is exceptional and new about your nominated product?

Our TS HV 70 high-voltage storage system is particularly economical; The levelized cost of storage (LCOS) is a mere 9 euro cents. A storage system’s economic efficiency essentially depends on its overall energy efficiency. With 92 percent, our high-voltage storage system achieves one of the highest energy efficiencies found in the market. This is due to the high battery efficiency of 98 percent, combined with a highly efficient inverter.

We have also developed our own battery management system, the Active Battery Optimizer. Unique worldwide is that the active cell balancing is not just limited to the cells within a battery module, but the different battery modules are also optimized to fit with each other. In this way, our batteries achieve a lifespan of up to 30 years.

ees International: Apart from your nominated product what were your company’s milestones in the last two years?

One of the biggest milestones was the official cooperation with Samsung SDI (2016). SAMSUNG SDI has been supplying us with prismatic high-performance batteries since 2017. Together we have developed a battery module for our needs in our markets with Samsung, which we have combined with our Active Battery Optimizer technology. With this know-how, we were able to develop a new high-voltage battery inverter together with SMA SOLAR. The puzzle came together and the TS HV 70 was born, which is still the technological leader in the market today with its performance data.

Another major milestone was the financial participation by the state of Saxony-Anhalt, which has provided us with several million euros to sustainably finance our growth and protect our independence from “locust investors”.

ees International: Renewable energy markets around the world are prospering  every year. What is your company’s vision for the energy storage markets around the world?

“Energy always and everywhere, we shape freedom.” (Vision TESVOLT).
It is our vision to offer energy storage systems at affordable prices and for all necessary applications to enable the potential of renewable energies in all corners of the world.

ees International: What are your expectations as an exhibitor at the ees Europe, which is taking place from 20 to 22 June 2018 in Munich, Germany?

We expect our unique range of products to meet visitors’ expectations for commercial storage systems.
For years we have been developing products according to the requirements and wishes of our customers and trade fair visitors. We look forward to all feedback and suggestions for future products, so that together we can provide the right storage system in every corner of the world.

Daniel Hannemann,
Managing Director,

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