Fluence and UK Power Reserve Share 120 MW Battery Storage Portfolio

The portfolio transaction of UK Power and Fluence entered its second phase. Fluence’s 120 MW portfolio is the most comprehensive in energy storage technology to date. Together, the two companies are committed to flexible energy solutions and will continue to modernize the UK grid to meet the growing demand for renewable energies.

Both companies will benefit from the division of the portfolio and will be able to respond to the market through the expertise of the other.

Sam Wither, Head of UKPR, said, “By splitting our portfolio into two 60MW sets of projects, we’ve had the opportunity to fully assess the market and took a nimble approach to keep up with this rapidly evolving space. Fluence and its Advancion technology again proved their worth throughout this highly competitive process.”

The expansion of battery-based energy storage is progressing with the construction of a 60 MW project, which will be available in early 2019. At the same time, work is also underway to expand UK Power Reserve’s gas resources.

Source: Fluence

Image Source: Pixabay | pixabay.com


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