Fraunhofer ISE Tests Novel Hybrid Energy Storage System on German North Sea Island

Solar specialized researchers of the Fraunhofer ISE institute in Germany built a hybrid energy storage system on the North Sea island of Borkum. The facility consists of a lithium-ion battery coupled with a super capacitor for short-term performance requirements.

The research team will connect the system to the medium-voltage grid by using a novel modular power inverter and will test the system for the period of one year. Fraunhofer ISE team leader Stefan Schönberger explained that, due to increased switching frequencies, the new power inverter is able to respond to fluctuations in the electricity grid quicker than conventional devices. The electronic regulation works with a model based proactive regulation and contributes to a clear improvement in performance. Besides the power electronics, the Fraunhofer researchers also developed the energy management system for the hybrid storage facility and included the institute’s software »OpenMUC«.

The European Union supports the island of Borkum by equipping its energy distribution network with a high percentage of renewable sources and several energy storage technologies. This makes the North Sea island an ideal testing ground for the Fraunhofer project. The institute’s research aims at applying their findings to other regions following the field trial.

Source: Fraunhofer ISE

Image Source: © Fraunhofer ISE |


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