German Smart City Project Receives Energy Storage System from CellCube

CellCube Energy Storage Systems is equipping the Smart City project of Stadtwerke Gelsenwasser in Germanywith a first energy storage system for the local EnerPrax project.

EnerPrax is a pilot project that tests energy storage systems by using different storage technologies in practice. In the Saerbeck Bioenergy Park, which ist he Smart City pilot site, energy sources simulate different grid stability and supply functions. The CellCube system is based on an energy-centric power storage function and is designed to guarantee the basic power supply with a time difference of eight hours.
Enerox’s CellCube vanadium redox flow battery will form the backbone of the storage technology for the EnerPrax project.

Stefan Schauss, President and CEO of Enerox, commented: “We are very pleased that Gelsenwasser has chosen us for this important project. We are able to deliver the long-lasting battery system for this forward-looking project, which reflects the company’s philosophy and our intention to become an integral part of future energy infrastructure solutions that CellCube wants to offer worldwide”.

CellCube Energy Storage Systems only took over the ENEROX GmbH in April.

Source: Cellcube

Image Source: © Wikimedia Commons |


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