Home Storage Systems: VARTA Presents its Compact Wall-Mounted Solution | Gordon Clements, General Manager Residential Power & Energy, VARTA Storage GmbH

VARTA, the German producer of batteries, recently launched its compact wall-mounted solution VARTA pulse. Gordon Clements, General Manager for Residential Power & Energy presented this system for the ees Magazine.

Which target group did you have in mind when you developed the new VARTA pulse?

With the new wall-mounted energy storage system pulse, we have developed a product for a very wide user group. Living space is scarce – every single square metre counts especially in conurbations. This is why we have designed pulse with space-saving dimensions of 60 x 90 x 18.6 cm. This way, it can be easily mounted anywhere on a wall.


Gordon Clements, General Manager Residential Power & Energy, VARTA Storage GmbH

Gordon Clements, General Manager Residential Power & Energy, VARTA Storage GmbH

What was important to you during the development phase?

The most important aspects were easy installation and a wide range of applications whilst delivering maximum performance. “Single Phase” makes it possible to use the storage solution internationally. We think that pulse has the highest energy density in the smallest possible space in its category. And we wanted to make it easy for the installer: it only takes about 30 minutes to mount the 45 kg pulse 3 system on the wall, to connect it and for the system to start storing energy. Due to our many years of experience in developing energy management systems for storage devices we were able to make pulse with the VARTA EMS VS pro use 2 watts in standby mode. Furthermore, the EMS ensures an optimum balance between performance and longevity. Another important goal was to offer a high-quality product but at a favourable price.


VARTA Storage as an operating subsidiary of VARTA AG has become one of the leading manufacturers of energy storage solutions. What makes you stand out from the competition?

We give highest priority to customer satisfaction, safety, quality and reliability. We heavily invest in research and development in order to always be one step ahead of our competitors in battery-technology. We excel at providing comprehensive service to installers, solar system installers and wholesalers. With our plug & play principle, we also want to make the installation as easy as possible.


At the moment your markets are the so-called DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) – which other markets are you targeting?

Italy, where we are already doing business, is a promising market. We expect to market our new wall-mounted storage system pulse also in Australia and Great Britain soon.


What do you think about the fact that VARTA Storage is perceived as being comparatively “expensive” in the market?

In 2013, we entered the market with our one and home product lines: they stand out due to their high capacity, ability to provide emergency power and many other things. Our latest pulse and element storage lines are products intended for the mass market. Their purchase prices are below those of our competitors. In terms of technical comprehensive service, quality through certified installers, installation time and technical maturity of the product, VARTA storage devices stand out from the competition.


How would you define its technical maturity?

We have more than 130 years of experience in battery know-how – we produce in Germany. Not only do we demonstrate chemical expertise, but also electronic expertise with regard to battery management systems. We are a leading battery technology producer. Through our value-added chain we are able to offer industrial components in retail products. This is of great importance when it comes to longevity and durability. Our components for energy storage solutions are suitable for both business applications and private applications. VARTA has also become one of the leading players in commercial energy storage.


Energy storage systems are also called smart storage systems. What do VARTA home storage systems have in order to deserve it to be called smart storage systems?

Our intelligent battery storage systems can communicate, through our virtual VARTA Connect system, with measurement and control devices, like PV-data loggers, smart-grid or smart home applications and they can take over load control for external consumers, like e-bikes or heat pumps. Our storage systems automatically recognize load requirements and can be adapted according to our customers’ needs.


VARTA Storage has been developing and producing home storage systems since 2012. What kind of improvements have you made for end consumers and installers?

The devices and the whole systems are becoming smaller, more economical and at the same time more efficient. With VARTA Connect and our app, the storage systems have become intelligent and controllable form everywhere. Even storage systems from 2012 can be upgraded if more storage capacity is needed. With VARTA link it is possible to cascade up to five VARTA storage systems of the same type.


What trend do you expect to see in the energy storage sector?

The energy transition is one of the most important challenges of the 21th century and we are part of it. More precisely, we, with our home storage systems, are paving the way for the energy transition as they are essential for the success of sustainable energy supply. Decentralized energy storage is a prerequisite for decentralized energy generation from renewable sources. Green energy is the key for a sustainable future and VARTA Storage makes a considerable contribution to the development of eco-friendly storage solutions. One could even say: no decentralized storage, no energy transition.


Gordon Clements,
General Manager Residential Power & Energy,
VARTA Storage GmbH

Image Source: © VARTA Storage | varta-storage.com


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