India’s Lead-Acid Battery Industry Insists on Similar Benefits After Tax Reduction as for Lithium Ion Batteries

After the Tax Council for Goods and Services lowered the GST rate for lithium batteries from 28% to 18%, India’s lead-acid battery companies are also seeking government tax relief for their products. Although the tax is 5% for a coupling to solar components, a fundamental tax reduction is not foreseen.

IESA, the India Energy Storage Alliance, which works together with lead acid companies such as Microtey and LivGuard, is also in favour of an equal tariff reduction for all battery chemicals, in order to increase the acceptance of energy storage in India.

“We call on the Ministry of Finance to extend the tariff reduction to other forms of energy storage technologies, including advanced lead acid, sodium batteries, flow batteries, metal-air batteries, ultracapacitors, fuel cells and thermal storage technologies.” says Rahul Walawalkar, executive director of IESA.

Source: India Energy Storage Alliance

Image Source: pixabay |


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