Innolith Prolongs Battery Storage Life

The Swiss energy technology company Innolith, announced a doubling of battery storage life. Together with Innolith’s GridBank system, the innovation has a throughput of over 60 GWh and can drastically reduce the cost of grid applications. This means that more batteries can now be used to generate renewable energy and stabilize the grid through frequency regulation.

“The increased battery throughput has been achieved through a combination of greater cell power and a decrease in battery fade” explains Markus Borck, Chief Engineer of Innolith AG. “Our development work has led to the breakthroughs where we have increased the power in the cells while reducing the loss of energy capacity over time.”

Innolith batteries thus cost between one third and one tenth per cycle as compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Source: Innolith

Image Source: Pixabay |


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