Interview: The Mobility House – The Energy Storage and Vehicle-to-Grid Expert | Marcus Fendt, Managing Director, The Mobility House

Based in Munich, Zurich and San Francisco, The Mobility House is specialized on charging and energy storage solutions for the e-mobility industry.

ees International: Marcus Fendt, in your opinion what are the opportunities for your company in the field of e-mobility and charging infrastructure?

We see ourselves as a link between the automotive industry and the energy sector and we promote the vision of an emission-free and sustainable future. By integrating electronic vehicles into the power grid, the expansion of renewable energies is promoted, the costs for grid expansion are lowered and finally the costs for electric vehicles are reduced considerably.

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Marcus Fendt, Managing Director, The Mobility House

ees International: Could you briefly explain the benefits of your product/your products/your offer?

We develop innovative charging and energy storage solutions for all aspects concerning the battery of the electric vehicle. This starts with grid- and cost-optimized charging and ends with the bidirectional integration of vehicles, which earn money on the energy market while being parked up.

Our services at one glance:
1. Customized fleet and infrastructure solutions for all aspects of electric vehicles and electric busses
2. Development of technology for mobile and stationary swarm storage from vehicle batteries
3. Advising fleet customers, real estate groups and automotive manufacturers with regard to the implementation of mobility, energy and infrastructure projects
4. Installation and operation of industrial battery storage systems from 1st and 2nd-use vehicle batteries
5. Realisation of vehicle-to-grid concepts – uni- and bidirectional charging of e-vehicles

ees International: Who are your customer target groups?

Private customers, automotive manufacturers like Audi, Daimler, Nissan, Renault, Opel and VW, ÖPNV- and logistics fleet operators as well as employers and car park operators.

ees International: Which partnerships and networks do you regard as helpful when it comes to marketing?

We are a neutral and manufacturer-independent expert for charging and energy solutions and work closely with all leading automotive manufacturers in several European countries.

ees International: What is your USP?

We are neutral and independent.
We are pragmatic and solution-oriented.
We avoid costs when charging electric vehicles.
We generate revenues through vehicle batteries on the energy market.

It is very simple, we reduce costs of the vehicle, infrastructure and charging. A fact our customers really appreciate is: They earn money with their vehicles while they are parked up.

ees International: Could you imagine several different business models?

Our business model is the intelligent, grid-friendly and cost-optimized integration of electric vehicles and fleets into the existing local infrastructure (e.g. by way of an intelligent, customer-oriented load management). And for the medium term, we intend to market the battery capacity as swarm storage on the energy markets.

ees International: From your point of view, how important is the topic of vehicle-to-grid here?

V2G is essential in order to integrate millions of electric vehicles into the power grid and to promote the expansion of renewable energies.

ees International: Which national markets are relevant to you, in the short and medium term?

At the moment we are focussing on Europe and here especially on the so-called DACH-region (which consists of Germany, Austria and Switzerland), the Netherlands, UK and USA.

ees International: If you had one wish: which obstacle to marketing would you like to immediately eliminate, or which legal framework conditions would you like to change instantly?

All in all, regulations have to be changed towards a market-oriented integration of decentrally controllable consumers and storage devices.

ees International: You will be an exhibitor at the Power2Drive Europe, taking place from 20-22 June 2018 in Munich under the umbrella of The Smarter E Europe. In what way do you think you will benefit from this?

Many are of the opinion that it will take a long time until our vision becomes reality. The Power2Drive event is the perfect place for The Mobility House to present our existing and very innovative product portfolio live. The future has already begun.

ees International: Thank you very much for the interview!

Interviewed by
Sabine Kloos, Editor in Chief, ees International

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