Interview with TrinaBESS | Frank Qi, General Manager, TrinaBESS

TrinaBESS, leading Chinese supplier and manufacturer of battery energy storage systems, delivers its products all over the world. Since business started in 2010, TrinaBESS, as part of the Trina Group, belongs to the fastest growing companies in the sector. Its service range covers development, manufacturing, sales and service of large-scale and residential energy storage systems, as well as portable battery products and batteries for electric vehicles.

The ees International Magazine spoke with TrinaBESS’ General Manager Frank Qi about the global battery storage situation.

Frank Qi, General Manager, TrinaBESS

Frank Qi, General Manager, TrinaBESS

ees International: TrinaBESS delivers its battery energy storage products to customers all over the world. This year, several large-scale projects were implemented in the USA, Europe and Asia. Do you find the market situation to be on the same level in the leading industrial nations or are there still significant differences you have to take into account for your service?

TrinaBESS designs, manufactures and delivers battery energy storage systems (BESS) for utilities, solar companies, project developers, installers and distributors for residential, commercial and utility markets. We provide on / off grid, handy power and micro-grid energy storage solutions from 0.4 kWh batteries to 2 MWh batteries and larger.

The battery energy storage market has emerged in many regions, including the US, Germany, the UK, and Korea. Among these regions, the US, the UK and Korea have recently enforced several large-scale projects this year due to the government’s positive policy support. We, as a supplier and manufacturer of battery energy storage systems, also benefit from this policy support. We are working on several projects for Triad and Frequency Regulation due to the loss of inertia for the grid caused by the ramp up of renewable energy sources. TrinaMega is a custom-made large capacity energy storage solution for commercial and utility projects. Recently our company agreed on executing several micro-grid projects in an Asian island country, evolving a turnkey solution from the first consultancy session to a successful commissioning and the demonstration of performance. And at this point the sales departments in these leading industrial nations are working on several large-scale projects. I believe there will be pleasant news soon.

ees International: What is it that makes it more attractive to import TrinaBESS’ services for a non-Chinese customer than products from a domestic supplier?

TrinaBESS originally launched alongside the global leader of PV total solutions Trina Solar, but has been running as an independent business since the end of 2015. Except specializing in battery energy storage systems, parts of our team have over a decade of experience in the PV industry. We are able to provide a total clean energy storage solution to meet our customers’ various needs.

Our products have been thoroughly vetted and tested for safety and performance by independent third parties. Our systems are available in multiple sizing configurations, indoor or outdoor, matching the customers’ individual energy needs. Besides high performance and reliable quality, we design different products to target different countries in regards to their various national regulations and their peoples’ aesthetic preferences. With these good features, our products are not only highly cost-effective, but also easy to install, which helps our customers to reduce installation costs. We have sold more than 1,000 residential battery energy storage systems in the first half of this year. As a Chinese company, I think this record track indicates that our products are recognized by our customers.

We have set up branches and sales representatives in Germany, the UK, the US, Australia and Japan to make sure we can provide on-time service to our customers.

ees International: What role do you play in the future battery storage development? Are there current scientific developments in your technologies that make you a pioneer in the sector?

TrinaBESS is planning on building its own battery factory within three years. On top of that we expect to become a top five clean energy solution provider within the next five years. With a focus on continuous dedication to R&D in battery technologies and integrated energy storage system engineering, we will continue to work with our customers and partners to change the way the world produces and consumes energy. So in the near future, I hope TrinaBESS can help support the shift towards energy efficiency and a low-carbon future to lastly become a clean energy provider.

TrinaBESS is equipped with a strong R&D and engineer team, which is comprised of experienced battery energy storage engineers, energy internet engineers, intelligent software monitoring engineers, electrical engineers, system simulation engineers, PV engineers and systems engineers. This core team has mastered the key technology concerning battery management systems, inverter technology, intelligent energy management technology, energy technology, energy storage large data processing technology and battery secondary utilization technology etc. These technologies keep TrinaBESS a pioneer in the battery energy storage industry. Still, we will keep innovating and upgrading our core technology and products continuously. I believe our wide and deep experience and knowledge concerning energy storage solutions will enable our customers’ substantial savings opportunities and more delivered value.

ees International: You have recently introduced The TrinaBESS microgrid solution at Intersolar North America. It is designed to answer energy needs in remote areas or islands. Which are the different environmental conditions such a system must withstand?

TrinaBESS can offer a complete turnkey microgrid solution including consultancy services, solution design, component survey, procurement, system integration, construction, on-site training and commissioning, as well as operations and maintenance. This solution is designed to answer energy needs in remote areas or islands. It includes solar and energy storage that can also be combined with existing generators. Furthermore it is able to help deferring the main grid upgrade, and reducing the energy cost by integrating renewable energy resources in combination with energy storage.

Most of these kinds of projects are located on islands and in remote areas, so that they require high standards, such as acid resistance, corrosion resistance and IP rate etc. Especially for the island projects, the solutions not only require a high level in design and construction specification, but also need to consider the environmental effect and catastrophe assessment and precaution.  Our technical team will make a comprehensive investigation to guarantee the high quality of such projects.

A successful implementation of a microgrid system relies on excellent engineering and project development skills. TrinaBESS offers extensive energy storage expertise, bringing engineering experience from a team of more than 100 engineers to support customer projects. Each micro-grid project is custom-made to answer specific energy needs and can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

ees International: And do you cooperate with local energy suppliers or do you just cover completely isolated areas?

We have our own local team in our important markets. Besides that, we also cooperate with local companies to expand our business. We believe that the combination of our high-quality products and local knowledge and experience of our partners will provide a good recipe for our success. For our residential products, we have reliable distributors in Germany, Japan and Australia. For commercial and industrial projects, we have our own local sales and Chinese technical teams to take care of it.

Last year TrinaBESS and MPower have announced an alliance in Australia and New Zealand. MPower markets TrinaBESS’s lithium-iron phosphate PowerCubes in 9.6kWh, 7.2kWh and 4.8kWh configurations. The system is AC-coupled, allowing it to operate independently of the grid during outages, and has the smarts to allow the stored energy to be sold to the grid as well as to be used in the home.

Recently, we signed a framework agreement with Smart Solar, a famous EPC and developer company in the solar and energy storage industry in Japan. 20,000 sets of residential battery energy storage systems (BESSs) will be supplied to the Japanese market under this umbrella agreement through 2018 and 2021. Our partnerships are rooted in sharing the same dedication to quality and product performance and a focus on building a strong local presence in order to provide our consumers with trust. By offering affordable BESSs that meet the customers’ need while offering reliable access to natures cleanest and most abundant energy source, the sun, TrinaBESS and our partners are collaborating to strengthen the energy storage market.

Frank Qi, General Manager, TrinaBESS 

interviewed by:
Xenia Zoller, Assistant Editor, ees International

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