Largest Industrial Energy Storage Station Inaugurated in Europe

CMI has opened Europe’s largest pilot installation for the storage of green energy in Seraing, Belgium. This massive storage unit called “MiRIS” (Micro Réseau Intégré Serain) includes 6,500 solar panels, which are connected to different types of batteries.

MiRIS will be able to produce around 2 mW, which will be used to supply the CMI headquarters and to study the functioning of the different batteries, including lithium-ion batteries, two types of flow batteries and a NaS battery. With this project CMI is aiming to better understand those batteries according to production and usage profiles. MiRIS was constructed in barely nine months.

Jean-Michel Gheeraerdts, President of CMI Energy, says: “Energy storage and  management  solutions  are  a  tremendous  driver  for  increasing  recourse  to  green energies and which get rid of their principal failing: intermittent production. This is also an alternative solution to diesel generators in regions unconnected to the electricity supply, a  solution  which  delays  investment  in  parts  of  the network,  optimising  photovoltaic  or wind-power systems, acting as a catalyst enabling participation in primary or secondary reserve markets.”

Source: CMI Groupe

Image Source: Pixabay |


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