MicroNova Launches Test Solution for Battery Management Systems

German software house MicroNova has developed a hardware- and software-based solution for testing battery management system (BMS) environments. The intelligent cards and modules can be combined flexibly to simulate all conditions these systems may be exposed to.

A BMS secures the constant energy supply of electric vehicles and provides information about the whole battery by monitoring the charging level, voltage, current and temperature of each cell. The individually configurable modules of MicroNova’s NovaCarts can be complemented by a special software, which allows communication between different integrated circuits. The flexibility of this cost saving solution will also make it compatible with future technologies.

“Our simulation model is specifically adjusted to the demands of real time test systems and works ten times faster than standard cell simulations”, said Martin Bayer, leader of the testing solutions group at MicroNova. “This way the electrochemical properties of lithium-ion cells can be reproduced exactly. This also includes the accurate modelling of the aging and temperature performances.”

Source: MicroNova

Image Source: © MicroNova | micronova.de


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