Moixa to Expand its Service Range for UK’s Renewable Energy Portfolio with Government Funding

UK based smart home battery company Moixa will receive a £267,750 funding from the British Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The company announced to use this financial support to expand its GridShare platform, a virtual power plant, which will deliver energy services to UK’s national grid, utilities and other electricity networks.

According to Moixa, this will be a further step towards strengthening the British range of renewable energy and battery systems, such as home batteries, electric vehicles and smart energy systems. Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa, explained: “By enabling Gridshare to manage other manufacturers’ batteries we will enhance the value of their products and we will offer utilities a one-stop shop for domestic battery aggregation. This will put us well on course towards our 2020 target of aggregating 200MWh of battery capacity to support a low-carbon, cost-effective smart grid.”

In its latest press release, Moixa appears to be optimistic about the future of energy storage in regards to the UK’s energy supply and names several home battery and e-mobility projects currently being established in the country.

Source: Moixa

Image Source: pixabay |


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