Navigant Research Reveals Leading Markets for Utility-Scale Energy Storage Ancillary Services

Market research and consulting provider Navigant Research focused one of its latest investigations on the strongest global markets for energy storage ancillary services. These services include amongst others: spinning reserves, non-spinning reserve capacity, frequency regulation, and voltage support. Navigant Research study determines Asia Pacific, North America and Western Europe as leading regions for these services.

The ongoing energy transition helps ancillary services gain importance as the newly-forming energy system needs a reliable base at all levels, from the sellers to the users of energy storage. “Ancillary services have provided a critical foundation for emerging energy storage industries in several markets around the world. These services are attractive for storage developers as they often have either structured contracts or well-established competitive markets that provide a reliable source of revenue for new projects.”, says Alex Eller, research analyst with Navigant Research.

The report titled “Market Data: Ancillary Service Markets for Energy Storage” evaluates a time frame as far as up to 2026 and includes market forecasts, sorted by service type and region.

Source: Navigant Research

Image Source: pixabay |


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