Neoen’s Hornsdale Power Reserve Leads Benchmark by First Year of Operation

US manufacturer Tesla supplied a 100MV/129 MWh battery, that was installed alongside the 314 MW wind complex Hornsdale (HPR) in Jamestown, Australia, and which is operated by the French producer of renewable energy Neoen, as a response to a series of power outages in South Australia in 2016. The energy storage system, which has been in use since December 2017 to support the National Electricity Market (NEM) in southeastern Australia, is considered the world’s largest lithium-ion battery storage system. The consulting firm Aurecon evaluated the data from the first year of operation of the rapid reaction system and came to the conclusion in a current analysis report, that HPR made a major contribution to grid stability and helped to reduce the wholesale price.

Franck Woitiez, managing director Neoen Australia, who own the battery, and the Hornsdale wind project, added: “The success of Neoen’s Hornsdale Power Reserve has strengthened the commercial case for new battery projects in Australia.”

HPR’s fast power transmission allows 100 MW to be delivered to the grid in less than 150 milliseconds, stabilizing the frequency and preventing load shedding. The former interconnector was known to trip at times of low frequency, resulting in power outages in South Australia as observed in September 2016.

Source: Neoen

Image Source: Neoen |


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