New Joint Venture Between Johnson Controls and Toshiba for Pushing Low-Voltage Lithium-Ion Solution

Johnson Controls Power Solutions and Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation have joined forces to provide low-voltage lithium-ion solutions to automotive manufacturers. At Johnson Controls’ plant in Holland, Michigan, a solution is being developed to combine lithium-ion batteries with existing lead-acid battery technology. The dual battery system is the fastest growing form of electrification and is expected to account for 20 percent of new vehicles by 2025. The advantage for automobile manufacturers lies in the low investment of the dual system in the vehicle series.

“Low-voltage dual-battery technology is the next step in the evolution of vehicle systems that helps to strike a balance between consumer demands, increasing regulations and automaker economics,” said Brian Cooke, group vice president, Products, Power Solutions, Johnson Controls. “Combining Johnson Controls’ partnerships and battery system capabilities with Toshiba’s lithium-ion cell expertise provides automakers with a compelling, competitive product for vehicles of today and tomorrow.”

Source: Toshiba

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