Powerhive to Kick off Mini-Grid Revolution in Nigeria

The World Bank and the Rural Electrification Agency are planning to invest around $350 million into the energy storage sector in Nigeria, in order to help establish more batteries in the African country. This is going to address the problem that only 13% of lead acid batteries are being recycled in Nigeria, which was reported on by Cleantech Hub.

Electric provider Powerhive, currently active in Kenya, is going to provide community microgrids and additionally sell 240V AC power by the kilowatt-hour in Nigeria. For this purpose the company currently uses lead-acid batteries, but is looking for a lithium battery provider, as this technology is seen fit for the African market. Contrary to lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries canbe recycled efficiently into the supply chain.

“It is imperative for the sector to create a battery management framework that will feed into government policy on used battery disposal, create investment opportunities and tackle a growing problem before it gets severe,” Ifeoma Malo, the Chief Executive Officer of Clean Technology Hub said.

Source: IDTechEx

Image Source: Pixabay | pixabay.com/


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