Saft and Hevel Bring Green Power to Siberia

French battery manufacturer Saft is cooperating with Russia’s largest solar module manufacturer Hevel to bring megawatt-scale energy storage systems for solar power plants to the Altai Republic in southern Siberia. This project will help reduce current energy shortages by using reliable, efficient and 100 percent environmentally friendly solar power.

The Altai region stretches over 92,900 square kilometres and houses around 205,000 people. There are four solar plants total capacity of 40 MW already in operation, which will be expanded to about 140 MW by 2020. The project is one of the milestones to bring dependable energy to more off-grid locations such as Siberia and the far Eastern regions in Russia.

Hervé Amossé, executive vice president of Saft’s TTG division, said: “This agreement with Hevel is an important development that will see Saft’s first ever ESS deployed for a project in Russia. We look forward to helping to deliver reliable, green electricity for one of the world’s last remaining relatively untouched wilderness regions. As the project develops into its commercial stages we look forward to exploring the opportunities for key elements, such as power conversion systems, to be sourced within the Russia Federation.”

Source: Saft Batteries

Image Source: Saft Batteries |


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