smartEn Map Analyses Impact of Balancing Markets

Smart energy company smartEn has released its new smarEn map, addressing the challenges of balancing markets in Europe. This report states that especially everything revolving around storage and decentralised energy resources has the potential to improve energy solutions.

According to the smartEn map, Europe already has enough resources to bring stability to the grid and lower prices for consumers. This means that new backup generation will not be needed, as long as all technologies and service providers will be allowed to participate in balancing markets. Although most European countries already have open markets, there is still room for improvement.

“Comparing the situation to a few years ago, we see that almost all countries have improved, even if only in small ways,” says Frauke Thies, smartEn Executive Director. “However, we also see that some countries that were doing really well before are now starting to fall back in their efforts. This is a problem, because much more needs to be done before all technologies and service providers can truly participate on an equal footing. In future editions of the smartEn map we hope to be able to report a great increase in the participation of demand response, which is only possible if we are able to monitor these numbers properly.”

Source: smartEn

Image Source: pixabay |


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