sonnen Lays Foundation for Biggest Virtual Battery in Australia and Invests in New Facility for Energy Storage

Energy storage manufacturer sonnen is building a new production facility in Australia. This factory will be able to produce around 10,000 batteries every year, thus creating hundreds of new jobs in Adelaide. The batteries will be sold in Australia and the Asian-pacific region.

The South Australian government is subsidizing up to 40.000 homes with about 100 million Australian Dollars to install battery storage, which sonnen will profit from, as the company is a partner of this new program. To be part of the program, household storage systems must be able to be implemented into a virtual power plant. This network will enable peak shaving and relieve the grid

“The change to renewable energies in South Australia is happening in a time lapse at the moment. Since the development mainly depends on private households, the demand for energy storage is rising rapidly. By connecting the households in our virtual power plant, we ensure the balance between supply and demand in the electricity grid. This way we ensure security of supply for everyone” says Christoph Ostermann, CEO of sonnen.

Source (German): sonnen

Image Source: sonnen |


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