Soteria Promotes Novel Architecture for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Technology development and licensing company Soteria Battery Innovation Group announced a novel lithium battery design that promises to bring higher safety to electric vehicles and mobile devices.

Key of the innovation is the reduced proportion of metal and elements sensitive to temperature fluctuations. This change in the construction of the battery is meant to lead to a negligible risk of self-ignition – one of the greatest challenges in battery development at the time.

With its new battery architecture, Soteria is sure to have the capability to leapfrog other battery producers in terms of safety as they claim their innovation to be able to handle more aggressive testing. The company strives to spread the technology widely, e.g. in the battery-based mobility sector as it claims to make transportation much safer.

A consortium has been put in formation for this purpose as Brian Morin, Co-Founder and CEO of Soteria explains: “This technology is too important for us to keep to ourselves and rely on our own capabilities to bring to market. Instead, we will allow broad access through the normal lithium-ion and automotive supply chain.” The consortium has an open membership policy and welcomes lithium-ion battery manufacturers and related businesses.

Source: Soteria

Image Source: © Soteria |


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