SSEN Ensures Acceleration of Electric Vehicle Policy

The Scottish and Southern Electricity Network (SSEN) has been rewarded £300,000 for its My Electric Avenue project, which was able to help the Government push ahead with the wide scale electrification of transport, as Great Britain’s regulator for gas and electricity Ofgem commented.

During its three-year runtime, the project examined the impact of artificially created “clusters” of Electric Vehicle (EV) users on low voltage electricity networks. This helped predict the possible influence of more people joining the EV network in the future.  The most important learnings from the project helped develop Government legislation to mandate that all EV chargers in Britain are smart, enabling distribution network operators (DNOs) to safeguard, maintain and develop smarter networks to cope with the increase in EVs in the future.

Stewart Reid, SSEN’s Head of DSO and Innovation, said: “As our industry rapidly transforms in the move to a smarter, more flexible energy system, understanding and managing the impact of EVs and other low carbon technologies is an increasingly important aspect of how we operate our electricity networks. We’re delighted the My Electric Avenue project has been recognised for its exceptional performance in influencing and informing UK legislation to ensure the transition to EVs is as smooth as possible as the country moves forward to achieve its low carbon transport ambitions.”

Source: SSEN

Image Source: SSEN|


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