Toshiba and NRG Energy Deploy New Energy Storage System in Texas

Toshiba, the multinational technology company, and NRG Energy, an American energy company, teamed up to deploy a new battery system in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) grid. By using Toshibas latest energy storage technologies, centered on the long-lasting SCiBTM Rechargeable Battery, the Elbow Creek Energy Storage project located near NRG and NRG Yield’s Elbow Creek wind farm in Howard County, Texas, will be able to store and deliver up to 2 MW of electrical power.

The goal of this project is enhance the stability of the electrical grid by correcting short-term grid imbalances and providing high-speed frequency regulation services. Furthermore, the energy produced when wind generation is high will be moved to hours when load support is highly needed.

“NRG is committed to creating a sustainable energy future through initiatives like the Elbow Creek Energy Storage project. We believe energy storage is a fast growing opportunity that will have an increasingly important role in the energy grid of the future. Elbow Creek is a great step towards that future, and NRG will continue to seek more opportunities like it in Texas and other markets in the U.S,” said John Chillemi, Executive Vice President of Development at NRG Energy.

The system was funded by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as part of the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan.

Source: Toshiba

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