University of Twente Has Become a Partner of Prestigious Battery Consortium

The European Research Institute Alistore has gained a new research partner. The University of Twente joined the consortium thanks to the recommendation of one of the members. The university, along with 22 other top-class groups, will support the renowned research network in the development of promising materials and technologies in the battery segment.

MESA+ researcher Mark Huijben, who focuses on fundamental research into optimizing new and existing materials for batteries, sees this as validation of his work. “Here in Twente we are relatively new to the field of battery research, but we are making huge strides in our development. For me, accession to Alistore is a recognition of our work.”

Mark Huijben received the Vidi Fellowship in 2014 and conducted research on the development of materials that can be used in solid-state batteries. He also works as a guest scientist with the institutions in Münster and Jülich. By joining Alistore, the University of Twente is now involved at the highest level in the futurology of batteries.

Source: University of Twente

Image Source: pixabay |


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