VARTA is Planning Battery Research Project in Baden-Württemberg

The German state of Baden-Württemberg and the federal government are planning a research project for the digital battery cell production. The so-called “DigiBattPro4.0” will be realized in cooperation with German battery company VARTA AG.

As efficiency and flexibility are important features for future batteries, digitalization provides a promising perspective for the future manufacturing of lithium-ion cells. The DigiBattPro4.0 project will include research on the digitalization of the whole production process. The start of the project is scheduled for January 2019.

VARTA’s CEO Herbert Schein says “Today we are regarded as global technology leader for lithium-ion batteries that can be installed in lifestyle entertainment gadgets. The demand is huge, which is why we massively increase our production capacity. Those goal-driven grants and their efficient execution are the foundation for success. We are happy to be able to continue with our research work with the DigiBattPro4.0. The success story of lithium-ion battery production will be continued.”

Source: VARTA AG

Image Source: VARTA AG|


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