Vice-President of Energy Union Announces Support for European Battery Industry

Maroš Šefčovic, Vice-President of the Energy Union project team and member of the European commission, announced the launch of a new strategic plan for the European battery sector. The European commission detected the growing potential of batteries, which support the ongoing transition to clean mobility and clean energy systems, as well as the industries to remain and become world leaders in the fields of innovation, digitization and decarbonisation.

A lack of a domestic European cell manufacturing facilities positions the EU industrial customers in a critical position. Due to competitive disadvantages, like increased costs due to transportation or weaker quality control, arises a level of urgency of investment and solutions in order to overcome these kinds of problems. On top of that the leadership in many sectors of the already existent battery value chain needs to be capitalized, from materials to system integration and recycling.

With a merger of the members of the EU industry and innovation community, as well as the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and interested member states, a new strategic plan will be established and presented in February 2018.

The final goal is to build a competitive manufacturing chain, to capture sizeable markets and boost jobs in order to support the growth and investment in the EU’s battery sector. Šefčovic assured that the task will start immediately by forming working groups, which will be headed by industrial participants.

Source: European Commission

Image Source: pixabay |


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