Wärtsilä Expands to Hungary with Hybrid Energy Software

The worldwide objective to commit to climate protection and to reduce the use of fossil fuels to a minimum drives the market of renewable energies. Energy companies are looking for new possibilities to use the potential of solar and wind energy and to sell them as efficiently as possible. In order to adapt the fluctuating availability of renewable energies to the base load, energy storage solutions and control systems are necessary.

With its GEMS software, Wärtsilä offers a hybrid solution for controlling energy loads. The system combines several generation plants and balances the energy supply amongst each other. It is also possible to analyse weather data and make load forecasts.

“As an energy systems integrator, Wärtsilä combines multiple assets into a flexible and reliable solution that can be dynamically adjusted according to the demands of the market. This is part of our Smart Energy Vision: we use advanced technologies to combine renewables, engines and storage into flexible, reliable energy solutions,” says Markus Ehrström, Business Development Manager at Wärtsilä.

In Budapest, Hungary, Wärtsilä optimised an existing engine power plant with energy storage in August 2018. This deployment between ALTEO and Wärtsilä leverages energy storage and the GEMS energy management system, developed by Greensmith Energy, a Wärtsilä company, to open new opportunities in the Hungarian energy market.


Image Source: WÄRTSILÄ| wartsila.com


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