Wildcat Discovery Technologies Announces Patents for Novel Electrolyte Additives

The technology company Wildcat Discovery Technologies is expanding its portfolio with two new patents regards to extending the service life of lithium-ion batteries. New additives enable a longer lithium- ion cycle life, higher coulombic efficiency and thermal stability in high voltage operation. Wildcat intends to sell licenses for the rights to manufacture and sell the novel technology in the future.
Mark Gresser, CEO of Wildcat, added: “Electrolyte development remains a major part of our business and the project focus for about half of our business partners. Electrolytes are ideal for high-throughput testing.”
The 4,000 electrolyte additives in Wildcat’s portfolio enable scientists to individually address customer needs and identify new electrolyte formulations. Wildcat has also been named one of the “50 most innovative companies” by Technology Review magazine.

Source: Wildcat

Image Source: pixabay | pixabay.com


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